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Democracy: How Will It Be Different in the Future?

Don't Take Our Citizenship for Granted

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There has been a lot of negative exchanges made over the entire time period prior to and throughout our national elections, and many of these unflattering and discouraging exchanges continue to take place.  Though some politicians, media personnel, and others say we need to move on and let the past be the past, that isn’t happening.  Too many can’t let it go!

Some people who have moved to the United States from struggling countries and studied to receive their citizenship papers are some of the few who recognize how we are still a very good country with lots of potential.  While other Americans pout and complain about the sorry state of our country, we need to remember that we have had many positive years in America’s past, and we are still very fortunate.  Are we perfect?  No!  Have some Americans made some bad decisions, choices, and judgement calls?  Yes, but we are human and some corrections and restitutions have been rectified.

Yes, Democracy does allow for “freedom of speech” and demonstrations, and yet some citizens have taken these freedoms to the extreme and possibly have pushed the limits by infringing the freedoms of their fellow citizens.  A large number have taken some freedoms beyond what is reasonable and become the aggressor.  It used to be said a lot more can be accomplished when your point is accompanied with a kind word and with a soft-spoken, respectful tone of voice.  Being pushy and extremely aggressive is seldom a good approach.

On the other hand, when people start with loud shouting, disrespectful language, and expressing hateful demands, there is no longer a chance for a civil discussion, instead, the exchanges go nowhere but downhill.  We each have the option of listening verses demanding.  When we listen, we have the chance to learn of viable insight that could benefit each other.

A “Democracy” requires “listening to and learning from each other”.  All are encouraged to make every effort to be respectful, supportive, forgiving, seeking alternatives, and of course, “listening to each other”.  Instead of criticizing the other, we can help democracy to be revived by encouraging all to listen to each other.  What will you do to encourage democracy?  Will you criticize or offer constructive, proactive efforts for a positive future?  Does it help to remind others of past wrongs?  Do you want to spread “peace” or “anger”?  Let’s encourage FREEDOM to ring across our country!  Are you an American or one to stir the “political pot”?  Do you want to bring our fellow citizens together or divide them even further?

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