Characteristics of a Credible and Respected CEO/LEADER

Characteristics of a CEO
              Traits & Behavior of CEO

As we initially discussed the idea of starting our own business, my husband, Bill Crigger, encouraged my becoming the CEO.  However, I thought he was joking.  I believed in the purpose and focus of our Human Resources firm, but I saw Bill as being more suited for that role.  Still, Bill insisted that I possessed qualities that would help me in this role.  Over our married life, it has been clear that we each had different strengths and were mutually respectful.  Therefore, I trusted his judgment.  In time and after taking many classes and forums, I became more confident and recognized to accept that we did make a good “team”, agreeing on most important areas and jointly were able to resolve much.

There are many types of CEOs, who are highly respected and capable, and who have accomplished a lot with their businesses.  Many CEOs will watch and note what changes and efforts are valued by the public.  A wise CEO also needs to have key players to identify potential ideas that could boost their productivity and growth.  Some steps could be risky, but having a supportive and insightful team player could positively impact a business’ future.  CEOs need this type of assistance, as it can be quite lonely “at the top”.

A CEO may come up with clever ideas and specific ways of production, but an effective CEO will also learn to identify talented and creative associates, who are able to contribute to the effort, and help a business to excel beyond its initial potential.  I was soon made aware that most successful CEOs notice such potential and tapped into innovative and gifted people, giving them due credit for their talent and ability.  CEOs are wise to value these gifted, support associates.

If you take time and recognize those talented people around you, most are humbled by your recognition.  It is important to acknowledge those key qualities and the uniqueness of these persons.  The fact is a CEO is more valuable when he/she utilizes and promotes the gifts of others.

Compass Career Management Solutions is respectful of credible resources and finds it important to locate and tap into their wisdom.  I have always valued meeting and discussing all insight with other business associates.  You are encouraged to watch out for talented and experienced professionals.  Like the old saying, “what goes around, comes around.”  If you are one to help others, chances are they will reciprocate.  This is the type of behavior found in respected and credible CEOs and Leaders.; 704-849-2500


Respectfully yours,

Robyn A. Crigger, CEO                                                        November 29, 2020