Be Aware – An Important Effort that is Needed

How Do You Treat Others in Business?

Mutual Respect

Trust Results from Mutual Respect

Whether in business, in your neighborhood, within your family, in school, or anywhere
else, we all deserve to be treated with kindness, sensitivity, and support. As human
beings, there should be an understanding that as members of this planet, we should
value our fellow humans’ lives and be especially supportive of those with whom we

In any type of industry there will always be times when danger or risks develop, and
we may need help and assistance. Even in an office setting, a file cabinet can become
unsteady and fall onto someone due to an uneven weight shift and can cause serious
injury to a fellow employee. Or an extension cord could be overlooked, causing
someone to trip and fall.

Though these accidents may not have happened to you YET, these types of accidents
can occur without any notice or warning and can cause debilitating injuries. Although
even without the chance of serious harm, no one welcomes rude or upsetting encounters
with others.

Too many people today have lives filled with intense stress and/or emotional challenges.
Though a co-worker may not openly share any personal hardships, many endure these
privately. Then when someone else inflicts that employee with cruel or hurtful words or
taunts or bullies another, the victimized employee may lash out or storm off in silence.
Don’t take out any of your own frustrations on others. Be sensitive and caring.

Be more understanding and considerate, like doing something thoughtful and kind. You
may find that your co-worker will be appreciative as well as supportive in return. Every-
one values an act of kindness. As you demonstrate genuine respect, a special trusted
relationship is likely to grow. Respect is one gift that is especially treasured.