Counting The Blessings – Not Just over the Holidays

Respect & Appreciate People in Our Lives
Do Not Underestimates Gifts to People in our Lives

With all the rushing around we tend to do this time of year, it is so easy to forget and overlook those small gestures of caring from those who genuinely value our relationships, including co-workers.  This year we have all been especially under stress and allowed our minds to be cluttered with numerous concerns and tasks.  We may have even forgotten kind gestures that we have done for each other in the past, only to neglect them this year.  If we think that others haven’t noticed these, chances are they is far from true.  However, instead of trying to downplay the oversight, or making it appear it is “no big deal”, take time to find some way to convey or show your appreciation!!!

This is one year that no one should be overlooked or neglected.  It would be like saying to others that you were too busy to care.  You may not mean to cause any hurtful feelings, or intentionally realize the message you indirectly are sending, but it will be as if the person was “forgotten or unimportant”.

Most people are short on funds through this tumultuous year.  However, sharing little, unique items may actually be like a special token with a private meaning for that person, sending a genuine message of value.  The idea of sharing books that carries a personal message to a colleague – whether it be a serious idea or a joke between two friends.  Even little music boxes that share a meaningful tune can be very endearing.  Perhaps a framed print or plaque that includes a memorable quote that you both loved would remind you both of a special experience or memory.

The cost of the gift isn’t important, but the meaning behind it demonstrates a bond that you both value and respect.  Special people in our lives are true blessings.  Don’t miss this opportunity to let them know how much you care and value them.  Some gifts have even been baked goods or trinkets that remind each of you how fortunate you are for the other.  Take this holiday as a great time to embrace and savor those special people in your life.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Robyn and Bill Crigger

Compass Career Management Solutions LLC