When Should Your Organization Develop Strategic Plans for the New Year

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Use Your Team to identify Best Next Steps

When speaking with a group of experienced professional leaders and asking what specific plans have been researched and decided for their organization in preparation for 2021, surprisingly many  have not made any proactive decisions or preparatory plans regarding their workforces in 2021.  With many or most governing organizations delaying the release of any guidelines, requirements, or decisions for businesses and non-profits, etc. to use with their workforces, most companies are in a “holding mode” in preparing how to manage their workforces in regards to COVID or related instances.  Even law firms cannot be certain of what changes will occur once our nation’s administration transitions.  This group of leaders are in “limbo”.  Meanwhile the New Year will begin in eleven days.

Some questions involve the COVID vaccine.  Should companies require all employees to take the vaccine?  Obviously, we all want to see this pandemic come to an end.  If all the American citizens take the vaccine, it would seem to take a LOT of time.  Of course, we don’t want to rush this process and be faced with repercussions, but we also want to see that all citizens have the opportunity to take the vaccine as quickly as possible in order to bring COVID to an end.

With this understanding, it would seem that business leaders need to be doing as much research now as possible in order to develop a tentative plan for “next steps”.  These next steps should include multiple scenarios and options, which would allow a company to select the appropriate plan to match the scenario when the time comes.  Therefore, research should be “in process” now in order to have multiple options ready to move forward once the Administration or Health Association  announces their suggested or required steps for all Americans.  If companies wait until they receive the “green light”, there is bound to be a big delay on stopping COVID, instead of being able to engage an efficient plan.

Thus, all companies should be researching and examining all data now, determining what possible scenarios would be most effective.  No doubt, many will feel the stress of such a big responsibility, but this needs to be done in order to make the best decision.  Now is not a time to worry or fret but to be careful and wise.  With solid research, a strategic plan should be free to resolve our dilemma.