NOTICE of Recent Meeting of Sr HR Forum



The week before Christmas, the Sr. HR Forum participated in a Zoom meeting to discuss some of the current issues and questions that are being experienced in many businesses.  Those participants of this group strive to seek ways to address current challenges and be proactive to make their businesses the best that’s possible.  This Sr. HR Forum does consist of a very diverse industry base, though with any business who has employees, and with the normal and growing employee issues, all of these HR Professionals find many areas of common ground.  Even the varied sizes of companies have many concerns and areas that overlap.

At each of our meetings, the Forum is open and flexible, as well as being respectful of confidential topics and areas.  Though many of the Sr HR Forum find it impossible to participate at each exchange, we recognize those new attendees and do what we can to make them feel welcome.  Plus, since each Sr HR Forum covers many different topics, no one feels like they have stepped into the “middle of a movie”.  Instead, all feel welcome in participating and getting acquainted with different HR Professionals, who they can then add to their own network.

All participants in the Sr. HR Forum are always shown respect and are open and honest with their information and/or resources that are shared.  All seem to be more than willing to contribute helpful insight, ideas, experiences, etc. with each other – a definite willingness to support each other.  The area of Human Resources are constantly having new situations and issues placed under their umbrella, thus it is important for these professionals to stay aware, informed, and equipped to manage each area responsibly.

Many did discuss areas that somehow connected with our COVID situation, which is understandable.  As this scenario continues, there will, no doubt, be more changes and adjustments in regard to employee management.  These professionals are dedicated to manage their workforces and businesses as smoothly and fairly as possible.

If interested in participating in future Sr HR Forums, please contact Robyn Crigger, CEO, Compass Career Management Solutions at  There is no fee, and Robyn is the founder and facilitator of the organization.  We are here to provide support to those HR Execs.