Are Your Leaders Demonstrating the Best Values and Principles

Examples of High Integrity

Leaders Should Exemplify Good High Integrity

There have been numerous people to negatively comment on our leaders of today, and though no one is perfect, our country’s leaders are often expected to be above reproach and hold themselves to higher standards.  This includes leaders who refrain from negatively commenting on other associate’s behaviors and actions.  Should one colleague behave in a negative fashion, the other should not behave similarly but clearly act in a poised, respectful, and respectable.  Otherwise, for the second person to behave as poorly as the first one would only prove that the second person is just as bad as the first one, but indicating that we may have become a nation, whose people are of poor etiquette and values.

Our country may certainly be advanced in many ways, but too many of our leaders are a combination of overly ambitious, unable to appreciate diversity, and unable to understand the importance of mutual respect.  We each have positive contributions to share with each other and our fellow man.  We can also learn from those in leadership positions, who have experienced valuable lessons regarding how to collaborate and share ideas.  Leaders with these capabilities can teach and inspire others.  These are the type of leaders who can be a positive influence for our future leaders.

When you think of honorable principles and values, what words (and behavior) come to mind?  Honest, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, supportive, dependable, courageous, generous, etc.?  If these are the types of words and behavior that you consider as those held by “good leaders”, who else would you expect to possess these traits?  Who else do you believe would or should exhibit such qualities?  Does the leader of your group or business use these qualities?  If not, would you prefer that they did?  Encourage and let others know!  With these types leaders most would expect positive results, and positive results along with strong, focused leaders deliver “great outcomes”!  Encourage your organizations’ leaders to make this their focus for the future.

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