How to Recapture Peace in our Country and Mend


How to Recapture Peace in our Country and Mend?

Examples of High Integrity

How Would Our Past Proactive Presidents Advise in Times When Our Nation Was So Distraught?

Now is not a time to chastise others or criticize anyone’s reactions, but to stop and allow for peaceful reflection and give deep thought on how to heal our nation’s wounds and bruises.  Remember that we are “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Many are feeling confused, in disbelief, and seeking clarity amidst the smoke and rubble.  We all need time to take a deep breath and determine what rational and strategic steps should be taken to bring our nation together and enable us to take steps forward, while doing all we can to keep the concerns and fears in check.  This is NOT the time to rush to resolve all issues immediately, but to allow time to gather all major concerns, digesting the many issues, in order to evaluate the best ways and resources to heal the lesions and allow the healing begin.  This will take time.

This is not about politics as it is more about the human spirit of our nation’s citizens.  The focus needs to be about “communications”, in particular “LISTENING to each other” to understand what are the key concerns and how to best enable our country to become more unified and healthier.  Key factors used by four of our prominent presidents offer credible tools for us now, for instance, “TRUST AND COMMITMENT”.  You may recall that George Washington was known for his honesty; Jefferson was an excellent “COMMUNICATOR”; Teddy Roosevelt displayed outstanding COURAGE and was FORTHRIGHT; and LINCOLN was a man of HUMANITY and KEEPING HIS WORD.

Our country needs to be strong in pulling ourselves together, gathering the “facts”, analyzing the FULL data, and evaluate our findings, in order to form a complete, realistic image of our nation.  Then we can re-establish our focus and confirm the core traits of who we are.  What needs to be done in order to form a more honest, unified, and trusting union is to be sure that we acknowledge a more accurate understanding of the people.  After the Revolutionary war, Washington used his honest and straight-forward expression and practical leadership to build a strong new country.  Jefferson became President of this young nation when many were encouraging and desiring fast growths, though he demonstrated his ability as a “good listener/communicator and relationship builder”.  Lincoln faced a most intense struggle when our country was torn between the north and south, but his compassion, humanity and wisdom kept the country from falling apart.  Theodore Roosevelt became president as our country continued to blossom, yet by using his military expertise and his practical reasoning, he resolved various loose ends at that time.  They all understood we were a nation of “PEOPLE”.

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