Notice- Importance of Keeping One’s Word

This is an issue that is becoming more and more of a concern as ethics and integrity seem to be diminishing.  It is a matter of “trust and honesty”. 

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Is Being Honest & Truthful Important?

Whether referring to a business or casual relationship, do you believe that being HONEST is important?  Quite a few people find it uncomfortable to be open about their private lives.  Therefore, they will either refuse to share information about themselves or do all that’s possible to avoid such discussions.

However, when you are part of a business relationship, and your employer or partner is expecting to have an open, honest, and trusting relationship with you, your honesty may be a high-ranking priority to its future.  Honesty is definitely a major factor to integrity, which is a basis for a trusting relationship.

In past generations, there was a saying that “one’s word is one’s bond”.  This is just another way to refer to a person’s integrity or honesty.  In more recent times, people do not always use the terms “my word”, though people still find other ways to refer to a person’s honesty, trustworthiness, or integrity.  Furthermore, businesspersons definitely encounter others who are NOT trustworthy or honest.  Chances are if you have ever had anyone to be dishonest with you or exhibit a lack of trust, it is one of the worst experiences you can have.

Most in business today use signed agreements or contacts to avoid any misunderstandings or being treated unprofessionally.  As much as we all want to trust others in doing business, too many look for ways to escape payments or to “get something for nothing”.  When living in the Midwest, there were still some who believed that a handshake was their bond, promise, or agreement, though as more people have been taken advantage of, more have turned to using agreement.  Honesty is a virtue, but agreements have become more of a necessity.

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