10 Jobs that Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

As some careers are Created, others are Eliminated!

Employees are facing “transitioning times” as many positions and careers are being eliminated (or reduced), like bank tellers, secretaries, administrative assistants, gasoline attendants, cashiers, etc., while other positions are being created. Many of us seldom see the doctors anymore, but instead spend more time with the “PA” or Physician’s Assistant”. Medical Specialists don’t need to drive to different Medical Centers but can “dial into a hospital’s intranet system and confer with patients long-distance. Many positions have been replaced by robots or technologies. Machines are designed to do the work of dozens or hundreds of people.

Though we now have Ubers to replace “taxi drivers”, soon there will be cars designed (and some have already been produced) to not require a “driver”. This particular change will be directly affecting the insurance industry. Androids are developing equipment and changing social media, not to mention Data Scientists and Architects. You could say that our technology, which “man designed”, is eliminating our own jobs.

There are lots of skilled positions that are in demand, though a large number of our younger generation has not chosen those types of positions. In more recent times drones have been created to assist with many tasks. They are more accepted in our working world. Still, before your children begin to select a career for their future, they would be wise to work with a Career Coach to explore what positions will still be in demand.; 704-849-2500