Challenges Many Have in Managing a Job Search

Seeking a Professional Position
Trying to Learn How to Get a Good Job

There are numerous people in a Job Search these days, and it is quite common for these people to not get positive responses or ANY response.  A Job Search requires a lot of strategic efforts with very good follow-ups.  You can’t expect to fill out an online application and expect instant offers.  This is just one point in the many efforts that a person needs to know to have any success in a job search.

No offense to those business professionals out there, but to manage an effective job search, you need to be very organized and understand what employers are seeking, which is just the beginning.  To give just an initial glimpse into the world of a Job Search, you would learn a lot by talking to an employer and asking them about their pet peeves when recruiting for the right fit for a position.  All employers and recruiters have them.  For instance:

  • Does the candidate know what position they specifically want?  To say that you are flexible or open to a variety of opportunities tells the employer that you don’t know what you want.
  • Or if you are asked what makes you sure that you would be good for a specific position, this is digging for how well are you aware of your own competencies and if they match the position.

A Job Search Candidate needs to know what their priorities are, and then research companies to learn if they provide such support to their workforce, etc.  An example might be to ask if an employer offers “career training and development” to their employees.  Therefore, what items would you value in your next employer.  Other priorities might be to receive specific benefits or opportunities for advancement, etc.

When choosing a career for yourself, do you understand what that position entails?  Will it require travel?  What about long hours or extensive workloads?  How much do you know about the company?  How can you use Social Media for a job search?.    How important is a resume?  Though the resume will not “get you the job”, your resume is a reflection of you and should include specific information that will entice the employer to learn more.  The verbiage is very important, and all data must be accurate.

If you leave gaps of information, this will only frustrate the recruiter and possibly cause them to move onto the next resume.  The format of your resume is definitely a factor that can irritate the recruiter.  All information needs to be well organized and orderly with easy to read data.  In addition, though you don’t need to include references when applying for a position, but you should have this information ready to forward when contacted by the company.  Make sure your contact information is current, and that you check your voicemail or email frequently.

These are just a few items that a Job Search Candidate should know when trying to tackle a job search effectively.  If wanting to be sure and present a “professionally written resume”, consider contacting Compass Career Management Solutions.  You can also visit our website: or call (704-849-2500) for further information.