Accepting Your Limitations But Being Open to Learn

Embrace Change
       CHANGE is a natural part of LIFE.

There are times when we have to accept some limitations, though they may be temporary, yet definitely restrictive for a period of time.   During that time we have to face the limitations, working around them until those restrictions are lifted.  If you have dealt with this before, you may recall needing lots of patience to cope.

Sometimes the restrictions may be inconvenient and even painful, and even if temporary, you may feel frustrated.  Still, there is no rushing the situation or changing the circumstances.  You are faced with accepting your restrictions, working around them if possible.  A person working can often find him/herself caught by events or limited materials, rules, difficult people, etc., which restricts your movement or capabilities until the situation changes.

With this in mind, the best thing you can do is keep an open mind, look all around yourself for ideas or opportunities, which you would otherwise never consider.  Interestingly enough, when caught in such a dilemma, unusual solutions can become evident.  It may not be the first choice you would use, but it does resolve your situation!

Throughout your life you will learn new lessons that can help you when nothing else works.  The more creative you are, the better chance that you will resolve a problem when everyone else is looking for the “easy answer”.  The phrase “thinking outside the box” comes from those innovative and optimistic people, who don’t give up, but keep looking around and listen to others.  Life is seldom EASY.  All are encouraged to be open to flexibility and new ideas.  Always be willing to learn.  CHANGE is natural.  Don’t be afraid of Change — embrace it.  Compass Career Management Solutions are experts in CHANGE.