Employment & Business Changes as 2021 Progresses

Responsible & Proactive Efforts
Be Proactive and Use Strategic Efforts to Have a Successful Future

Businesses and employment certainly went through a lot of changes in 2020, and now with a new Administration at our country’s helm, other changes are expected.  Watch closely and observe what develops throughout this year.  As most may agree, even when you are told that all will get better, the question may be for whom and what is considered “better”?  There are often changes in employment, as new economic decisions are made, and outcomes will surely be different.  Plus, most may likely agree that “change is the norm”, but how will the changes be different?

These days when watching the news on TV or on our laptops, etc., or listening to the radio, what kind of business notices are you hearing?  There have already been some business changes shared (i.e. acquisitions and mergers have occurred).  One important positive news is that the distribution of the COVID vaccines is being improved.  Some say COVID is slowing down.  Really?  Granted, there have been some snags in the distribution process, but most believe this is improving.  However, now there are more types of COVID, which we hope the vaccines will conquer, though no guarantees.

So, how will any of this affect the economy, businesses and employment?  These three areas have already been affected by COVID, and though its spreading may be slowing down, one might wonder how many other strains of the illness will develop.  Many companies have already reduced their workforces, adjusted their production lines and lost customers.  Many employees have lost their jobs, but the government is planning to provide additional funds to employees who aren’t able to work, etc.  Unfortunately, when you add all of this up, what do you see as a possible end result?

Without a crystal ball or the “Wizard of Oz”, what changes can we expect this year?  If you were an employer, what would you plan to do this year to improve your business?  Many of the needs across our country are changing, but with careful observation you may spot some new ideas/trends brewing or developing.  When we are devoured in our own despair, we sometimes don’t realize what others are doing, but be assured, CHANGES are happening or are soon to come.  Though we all have a lot on our minds, we should be lifting our heads and looking around to see new ideas and opportunities.

It is wise to be proactive and think about ideas to benefit us and our families.  Consider taking classes or webinars as a way to invest in your future.  As changes develop in businesses, it is extremely important to strengthen or improve your own skills.  Stay informed, keep an open mind, research what is developing in business, invest in yourself, and be proactive.  Whether an employer or employee, all need to be vigilant about CHANGES that are coming.  Compass Career Management Solutions are “Strategic Transition Experts”.  Be open and ready for innovative ideas, as History has proven that Change is a normal occurrence.  www.compasscareer.com