Key Factors to a Successful Job Search


Job Search Candidates: Process to a Successful Job Search

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The media has been quick to announce when a new business is coming to our area and how many jobs they will have.  Usually this is very exciting news, and yet with SO MANY unemployed, the jobs are filled before most have a chance to look them up and apply.  Furthermore, many positions require special education, training or experience, which eliminates the majority of job seekers.  Of course, it is terrific that companies are either moving to our area or a business starting something new in the Charlotte metro area.  Still, some businesses may not be able to match the rate of pay or benefits others offer.  Just the same, this brings us to the point that many job search candidates need to know and how to tackle in a Job Search.

So, what does a successful Job Search candidate need to know and do in order to land the best-fitting position?  There isn’t “one successful secret” to this task, but a combination of factors and efforts that a focused, hard-working job candidate must accomplish.  It should be acknowledged that such a successful Job Search candidate would be wise to enlist the services of an effective Career Transition Professional in order to accomplish this goal effectively.  Nevertheless, here are a few factors and points that need to be included in your Job Search Process:

  • Start by identifying “exactly” what position do you prefer and want for yourself (being realistic and reasonable).  Employers don’t want to guess if you state 2 or 3 possible positions.  Furthermore, this should be clearly noted in the early portion of your resume.
  • Then what experience, skills, education, training, competencies, etc. do you have that qualifies you for the position?  This is extremely important “back-up”.
  • Do you have credible references that can back up your being effective in this position?
  • Have you researched the business/organization to be sure that this is a reputable business?
  • How much do you know about the role you seek?  Are the career life and expectations ones that you believe are suited to you?  How about the salary?  Would you be able to support your life-style with the salary?
  • How much do you know about the company’s work culture and leadership reputation?

This is just the beginning of the research and data a Job Seeker should collect.  The more they understand about the company and position, the better.  In fact, the job search candidate should also be totally honest and forthright about him/herself in order to make any position a good fit.

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