Stretch To achieve success
                  Dare to Dream the Impossible

What does it take to successfully accomplish a Job Search during these volatile, unpredictable times?  It may seem like a discouraging, no-chance, wasted effort.  Is the pandemic causing this to be a “lose-lose” proposition?  The world’s history has demonstrated that many things are possible.  If a person looks at the future, knowing the facts and realizing there are some ways to overcome a challenge, then by using common sense, working hard, and managing realistic research, a person can accomplish his/her goals.

A Job Search requires lots of self-evaluation and honest, personal assessment, but also an impartial career coach/professional to develop a strategic plan to reach whatever career goal is a true fit for you.  With such an intensely competitive Job Market, the chances of landing a credible, reputable position with a good company will likely be an uphill battle.  This commands complete enthusiasm and a spirit of 100% of your best efforts.  Ideally, a person needs the support of their ex-employer.

This is not a time to be shy and timid, but a time to approach your employer and state the fact that you NEED to have his/her support with a Job Search during such uncertain times. In fact, there is nothing wrong in suggesting an Outplacement firm with superior professional experience (like Compass Career Management Solutions). If you have been a hard-working, reliable employee to this employer, and your approach is professional and respectful, you have a good chance receiving the support needed.

Employers, no doubt that you are in tough times as well, but providing this kind of humane support will place you in high regards in the community, and may have other rewards.  The more you are willing to support those exiting employees, the higher your reputation will rank in the area.

During these times of extreme consequences, like catching COVID, most will do whatever is necessary to overcome the hurdles.  When an employer takes the “high road” and goes beyond what is required legally, all in business will recognize that leader as one with “high integrity” and a person who supports his workforce.  Special opportunities tend to go to those of good character.

One quality or trait that you should recognize and value is your own integrity.  If you have been working for an employer of good ethics, this is the kind of employer you should continue seeking.  Those of high integrity value others of the same characteristic.  Like the old saying, “what goes around comes around.”  If you understand the importance Compass Career Management Solutions assists all in “transition”.  Visit our website:; 704-849-2500