Ridding oneself of germs & bacteria with soap & hot water

Have you felt that you are on a merry-go-round in regards to the “real status of COVID”?  Initially, we were faced with one virus, and then other variants appear.  Second, there was one vaccine, then another, and then another.  Can they all be effective?  And for how long?  It seems now the drug companies are developing “booster injections” to address the additional variants of the pandemic.  How effective will any of these be?  And with many citizens refusing to take a vaccine, how safe will others be?  Will people be able to safely return to work and other social settings?  How will employers be able to assure their workforces that their workplaces will be safe?

Most experts on this topic aren’t able to guarantee the forecast.  They know that nothing is 100% safe, though for those who have had the vaccines and are still practicing the uses of face masks, sanitation products, and abiding by social distancing, they have a substantial advantage compared to those who refuse these measures.

As for employers, the CDC and credible Health Departments are still encouraging all sanitary measures be followed.  Cleaning all surfaces, door knobs, handles of file cabinets and drawers, and the use of disinfectant sprays to eliminate and reduce bacteria in the air, etc.  The wearing of rubber gloves is also a helpful recommendation.  It has been found that there are more effective air filters that can be used in facilities, as well as replacing them more frequently.

Employers are encouraged to have employees consider using all these measures, as well as avoid group gatherings.  Many people are so tired of isolating themselves in their homes.  They rationalized that this is required after seeing so many to die.  Allowing more to work from home can be a good alternative.  If any employee has any proactive and valid suggestions to keep a workplace safe, by all means, they are encouraged to share those with employers and us, and we will gladly circulate them with others.

Every few days or weeks, new info seems to be announced.  Who do you consider the most trusted resource or expert?  What guidelines do you follow?  When your employer requests you to return to work, what will you do?  Are there specific points for safety that you would request?  Are you taking the vaccines?