Changes Companies & People Can Make to Protect our Earth’s Climate

Changing Climate

Studies continue to be done confirming the substantial changes to our Earth, on which the climate is growing more critical daily.  Large portions of glaciers are breaking off and floating away, happening more often, and temperatures of the Earth increase and even more at our two poles.

As most know, there are many factors that attribute to this.  Chemical emissions, pollution of many kinds, etc. all impact this reaction.  As most have heard, some discussions that have escalated include changing more cars, buses, etc. to being run by electricity instead of gasoline.  There is especially the encouragement to reduce the production of coal.  For some areas of the United States, this will be a gigantic transition.  The residents of these areas have serious concerns about future employment and their livelihood.  Therefore, it is extremely important for experts in the energy industries, as well as manufacturing, agriculture, economics and human resources to explain the different aspects being considered in the strategic planning for our Earth’s future workforces and affected industries.  It isn’t like we can just flip one switch and suddenly all changes will happen simultaneously.  Many people have depended solely on coal, oil, and gas for their heat.  Though there have been more efforts to utilize solar and wind as power sources, we are far from implementing these alternative sources across our country and beyond.

Employers and Business Owners will have their workforces asking how this transition will affect their businesses and them.  A lot of planning and research will have to be done before thorough strategic planning can be designed or decisions are made, though already our Metro is switching our city buses from being gasoline-powered to electrically run.  Obviously, it is important for us all to take care of our Earth.  However, we clearly need to be taking conscious efforts now to identify and explore options, test theories, develop effective procedures, and create strategic programs that will be safe and effective.  All of this will take a substantial amount of time, which is one reason this needs immediate attention now and not wait until it is not too late.

The movie industry has already produced multiple films about some possible scenarios for tragic consequences to our planet, and though some depict miraculously optimistic outcomes, others have shown devastating results.  It is also important that our citizens do “their homework” to find out what is feasible and what are our government representatives doing about this concern.  It’s not like we can call for a “do-over”.  If people would just research how the world’s temperatures are climbing and the affects occurring in our pollution, etc., it should seem obvious that this transition is really happening.

The world’s wild life and agriculture are dealing with changes as well.  Some of our extreme weather is a symptom of this transition.  This topic has been discussed for decades.  Some may view this challenge as futile, as it will take a tremendous effort to make a difference, but to do nothing is like “giving up”.  You may be gone when the culmination of tragic events hit, but what about your children and grandchildren?  Do you want to be seen as attributing to this disaster, or one who did all you could to save our Earth?

All are encouraged to make every effort to save our planet.  It starts with one person, who cares and then multiply to more from there.  If you say that you don’t know what you can do to make a difference, go to a link that Bill Gates has on the topic (  Or another excellent link is  Take the time to learn how YOU can help!  There are many problems that we cannot control, BUT starting now by researching this serious topic is one where each of us CAN make a difference – not only from our homes but from a business perspective.  Think how rewarding it would be to do something really positive and productive?  Yes, CHANGE is a normal occurrence, but making an effort to save our planet is very worthwhile.  You CAN make a difference!!!