What do you see that is different in the photos of schools 100 years ago vs Today?

What is the first thing you notice that is different between the two pictures above?  The left photo was taken more than 70 years ago, and the right photo was taken recently.  Some differences may seem very obvious, but the parents 70+ years ago had different expectations of the schools and their children than the parents of today.  Ask your parents what their parents expected of the students back then.  Now what do the parents today expect of their children?  Priorities change over time.

Some refer to the period of time 70+ years ago as being a “simpler time”.  The adults worked hard and received less, and the parents had less to offer their children, but the children appreciated whatever the parents gave them.  Those children didn’t have the expensive toys or gifts that the children receive today.  Many children today are considered “spoiled” as they receive much more material items, which leads to having higher expectations of their parents.  But is that what children really want?  (Material items or time with their parents?).

Some believe that the adults today give their children more as they feel guilty for spending less time with their children.  But did the parents 60-100 years ago spend more time with their children?  Some may have spent more time as they may not have had as demanding of a career.  However, the family life 60+ years ago was not as complicated, thus the family may have had more time together.

If you were to ask today’s youth what they would like to receive from their parents, many parents may be surprised that children would tend to want to spend more time with their parents than to receive gifts.  As far as what parents expect of their children today verses those 60-100 years ago, most parents of the past expected their children to be sensible, responsible, and hard working to support themselves and their family.  Often today’s parents are not always clear in explaining their expectations to their children.  Instead, many of today’s parents assume too much.

Some parents are better communicators than others, but the fact is all parents would be wise to communicate better with their children.  Let them know what you believe is important in life and why.  Teach them to choose their priorities and what are the important things they value in life.  These are important lessons in life.  Many believe that the children of the last century may have gained a better understanding of their parents’ values than the children of today.  Whatever the parents can do to prepare their children for adulthood and being responsible, the better for all.  Become aware and more informed of the future.  Life is full of changes and transitions.  Be aware of credible and qualified Transition Professionals, like Compass Career Mgmt.  Go to www.compasscareer.com.