Business Alert — A Company’s Reputation — Its Impact



Willing or Able to Give a Helping Hand?

When you mention your company’s name, what does the public say about your business?  For what is your business known?  Does it have a good reputation?  Does your community have a high regard of your company?  Are your employees treated well?  Is your business supportive of your community and its citizens?  As changes occur, how have you prepared for the unexpected?

Are there things that your company could be doing to be of more support to the community?  It might be interesting to ask some citizens for their perspective on this topic.  Most establishments are known for something – good or bad.  If a survey of your community’s citizens was taken, what would most people say about your business/employer?  For that matter, even a community is known for something: being friendly, a speed trap, rude citizens, expensive, high taxes, supportive, caring, etc.

When a community is hit by severe weather or other tragedies, stories shown on the media relay how some citizens respond by helping neighbors, store owners, the elderly, etc.  The reputation of the town is a reflection of how their citizens value or view their community.

How do you suppose people would evaluate or rank your company/employer?  Does your business come across as supportive, caring, fair, empathetic?  If a citizen hits some really hard times, would your business be quick to pull the plug on servicing that person?   Would you consider giving your customers some options or leniency?

With the experience of our pandemic or COVID-19, this scenario has bound to be experienced.  How did you handle such a situation?  Some businesses have had heavier demands or stress levels than others. This is one BIG reason why many businesses have had to close permanently.  Without funds, many owners couldn’t afford to be generous and supportive, as they were at risk of losing their business.  Some banks and large companies may have deeper pockets, yet times are unpredictable.

Everyone is hopeful about “brighter days” ahead, though there are no guarantees.  However, those people who lived through the “great depression” have been ones to try to save a little for “rainy days”.  Such times teach how wise it is to prepare for these events.  Meanwhile, all are encouraged to be a good partner in your community, as sooner or later, we all need a “helping hand”.  BE PREPARED!