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Though COVID-19 has experienced some slow-downs, and more people are gradually getting their vaccines, there are still some additional variations of the virus, and people are continuing to travel, mix socially, and not always wearing masks or social distancing.  Therefore, the pandemic is far from over.  This can’t help but cause COVID to continue, which painfully keeps businesses from thriving or growing.  That fact will undoubtedly will cause more organizations to see more reduction of the workforces.  Therefore, stay informed.

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A Job Search is never easy and has become even less so in recent years.  The economy is questionable, companies and their positions are unpredictable and far from sound, the pandemic continues to show signs of inconsistency though most try to be hopeful, and stress continues to climb as time goes on.  The fact is no one is certain what lies ahead, nor can most employers even guess what will transpire in the months to come.  There are a few industries, which are in such demand that their business activity is secure (for now).  That leaves extremely few positions that have a better chance for opportunities.

With this in mind those employers who are faced with more workforce reduction or closings are growing.  Compass Career Management Solutions has provided Outplacement for 26+ years in a wide range of industries and for positions across the board. Needless to say, the job market is at an all-time high for being competitive.  Since so many people are unemployed, the job search needs to be seriously strategic, with clear targets, the ability to identify their goal positions, hone their skills, capabilities, and competencies.

Employers want to make sure that you/the candidate knows what you can do and how you can benefit an employer.  In other words, today’s Job Search Candidate should distinctly indicate what they “bring to the table”.  In fact, a wise job candidate should have been doing all possible to have their skills be current and sharp.

Some employers have been known to give an exiting employee the choice of “cash” or Outplacement Services as part of the release, but please note that the majority of released employees (at times encouraged by their spouses) take the cash.  HOWEVER, experience has shown that this “cash” is almost NEVER used for the job search.  Thus, the unemployed worker’s joblessness is extended even longer – after the cash has been spent.

No offense to the released employee’s spouse, as the cash is tempting, but the unemployed worker benefits much more with “professional, effective Outplacement Services”.  Compass Career Management provides multiple programs to match your goals and budget.  If you are an employer and find yourself releasing employees, you are encouraged to hire a firm like Compass Career Management Solutions to guide, inform, instruct, and enable those employees to take charge of their future careers.  You are welcome to visit our website: www.compasscareer.com.