How important is TRUST?
TRUST requires “mutual respect”

Can There Be Loyalty without Trust?

Consider all employers who you have had over time.  Of those employers, did you trust them all?  If you didn’t trust them, how dedicated and loyal were you towards them?  You may not have been aware if an employer was loyal or supportive of you or not, though sooner or later, something usually tips you off about how that employer felt about you.

Now reverse that thought process.  As an employer, do you trust all your employees?  Do you believe these employees are doing their best for you and the organization?  How do you know?  Have they ever been lax in their responsibilities or were not totally honest about what they have done?  Or do they always go beyond your expectations?  Do they complain a lot about the job, or only do the minimum required to accomplish their tasks without any negative comments?

The reason this topic is being discussed is because “TRUST” is a VERY important trait for the relationship between an employee and employers!  If employees can’t trust their employer “to be in their corner and be supportive”, employees will more likely do the minimum of their jobs.  Their efforts will be limited at best.  HOWEVER, IF an employer is supportive and encouraging of the employee, their relationship becomes one of mutual respect and the highest integrity.

If your organization has a problem of “poor trust”, you/employer should consider providing a forum, including managed exchanges, facilitated discussions on the “value of trust”.  This can be improved if all recognize how important trust is in any relationship.  Weak areas and clarifying communication can flush out those faulty relationships and misunderstandings.  Compass Career Management Solutions are effective coaches, able to open communication lines & building stronger relationships.

Visit our website (www.compasscareer.com) and talk with us about building a stronger and more productive organization.  Changes, Transitions, and “the people factor” are all part of our forte’.  TRUST is a critical factor to a healthy and progressive organization.