Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Giving of Oneself & Being Supportive Impacts the Future

To Make a Difference Requires Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is easy to complain about all the negative activity around us, as we have all had to cope with so many hurdles and hardships over the past 16 months or so, and granted it has caused us a lot of stress and emotional upheaval.  However, there are very few who have escaped the pain, losses, and disappointments, not to mention the heartaches, long hours, shortages of funds, and feelings of being overwhelmed.  If not directly, then the concerns of family members, close friends, and co-workers, who are struggling, fill us with a feeling of disheartenment and helplessness.

With this in mind, what can we do?  Give up?  Do we expect our government, employers, community leaders to come up with all the resolutions?  Of course not, and just look around and notice those many unselfish citizens of all ages stepping up and finding ways to assist others.  The media has made us aware of many of these “local heroes”, who have used creative and practical efforts to help their fellow citizens.  There are some who are unable to do much to contribute, and yet some of them have still identified some generous and thoughtful efforts that do help.

Unfortunately, we have been forewarned that there are more tough times expected ahead, and it is important that we each take a long look at what we might do to help our neighbors.  For those of us on extremely tight budgets, lacking employment or resources, we should still look around to see how we might be able to lift the spirits of and come to the aid of others.  Some may have a chance to work but have no childcare, yet you or others could cover the childcare, or if a parent has to work an extra shift, you may have some leftover soup or casserole to share with their children until they get home.

A lending hand, or willingness to listen in support are valid ways to benefit others.  Reading to the neighborhood children or playing card games and puzzles with them can alleviate stress of a parent.  Maybe you could even help a child with homework or read them a bedtime story.  The stress on parents and children have escalated tremendously.  My grandmother taught me to embroidery one summer that I spent with her, which I enjoyed.  These efforts may not be in your normal routine, but reaching out and showing support impacts the future of others.  These challenging times will likely continue, but don’t give up!  Be willing to help however you can.  Any effort and support we provide is a positive contribution to our future generationeven when stepping out of our comfort zone.