Consider who is affected & their Challenges

If you/employer find it necessary to reduce your workforce, there are a few factors to consider in order to know what would be best for all concerned.  Also, how this is handled is extremely important.  There is no surprise for those familiar with the reduction of employees as why some released employees become so irritated and angry about how this is handled.

Most employees are genuinely hard workers, and make every effort to do their best at their jobs, which is why they are so intensely upset when released from their jobs.  Even those who have felt that they are working hard, though they may not be the best at their positions or are not as passionate about their work, are seriously angry when given their notices.  Those who are not excited about their careers may still consider themselves “hard working”.

Therefore, these released employees will often find themselves absolutely irate when given their notice of being released.  Consequently, these people may become extremely outraged and may even find their emotions become “out-of-control”.  A person’s job is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life.  It is a big part of their identity and is a huge factor of a person’s self-esteem.  With this in mind, employers are encouraged to understand that releasing employees at these times can trigger extreme emotions.

Compass Career Management Solutions, who are experts in career and business transitions, are fully aware that managing a business transition these days needs to include appropriate and sensitive approaches and assistance that will provide solid support for all concerned.  The extreme stress that most people are feeling leaves them in highly sensitive and volatile emotions.  Please consider tapping into the expertise of professionals, like Compass Career Management Solutions, if you are expecting to manage a Business Transition.  Be sensitive and prepared to manage such a situation with appropriate professional support and assistance.  Meanwhile visit our website:  Violent reactions are definitely possible.  You are encouraged to be prepared.