Have the Changes our Federal Government Has Made this Year Produced any Significant Improvements for its Citizens

Don't Take Our Citizenship for Granted
All Citizens Must Encourage our Legislators to Represent Us

Our country has experienced so many challenges the past 18 months that most citizens have been affected in one way or another.  For example, those who are business owners have been required to pay more for their employees, which has caused them to reduce the number of employees as their business activity has yet to compensate for the increase in salary.

In addition, not all employees have been able to locate substantial enough positions to cover their home and family expenses, and the fact is some employees receive more money through unemployment than they can earn on a job.  This has affected employers, who try to hire people, but the employee doesn’t show up as they realize that they can receive more money staying home with “unemployment payments”.

There is also the concern of our government relaxing the restrictions on immigrants coming into the country.  These immigrants could take the positions  needed by our existing citizens.  This situation has yet to be determined how it will play out, but it is still a definite concern of our citizens.  No one wants people being mistreated in any country, but many citizens here would like to see a strategic plan on how to help the mistreated immigrants, while taking care of our own American citizens.

Another issue that exists is the increased costs on numerous supplies (grocery items, ingredients for pet/animal feed, gasoline, utilities, etc.).  In a few months, there have been multiple items that have increased substantially, and the potential for more increases are likely to come.  The question most have is how is this going to be managed?

And what about the changes in taxes?  What is the government’s plan on which taxes are being increased?  Many had the impression prior to the presidential elections that there would be NO increased taxes, but in recent times we have heard some taxes would be increased.  What are the facts on this?  Who faces increases?

Some are also wondering how the changes will be planned as the government restricts the use and production of coal and the transition of automobiles, which are to be designed using electricity instead of gas.  What is the exact plan and the affects on the public?  There seems to be more questions than answer for many.  Furthermore, with these new bills that the legislators are discussing, it seems the bills include too many items, which makes it too complicated.  If these legislators are to be representing us, they need to be sure they aren’t approving items that the constituents don’t want.

All citizens are responsible to stay aware of what their government’s representatives are doing and to speak up when our representatives are not doing their jobs.  We all need to stay vigilant to the running of our country and to be vocal when necessary.  This is a freedom and a privilege that we can’t take for granted.