How to Help a Community thru COVID
Jumping People Defeats Any Positive Efforts

Violence Doesn’t Benefit Anyone!

What do you want to see happen in our communities today in regards to the response to the pandemic?  Improve mutual respect, true accountability (people doing their jobs appropriately), peace in our neighborhoods, returning our economy to a kind of normal, more dependable and stable jobs, etc.  Obviously, there are other issues that would like to be addressed, but we need to get our lives back to a calmer state, help businesses to function to bring back their employees and customers.  This has already been going on too long, but it will be longer before our world “levels out”.

The increased violence is just one symptom of this LONG, STRESSFUL ORDEAL!  Still, even the elevated emotions and tempers can be addressed to some point.

In the meantime, if each of us was to make a list of what things we might do to help each other and work towards a better future, what might some efforts be?

  • Conserve on house and home supplies – not stockpile on toilet paper, paper towels, cleansers, eggs, etc. When COVID first began, I couldn’t even find any eggs to buy!  Many people were buying large amounts of items and hoarding them, leaving little for anyone else.
  • Cleaning supplies are also being scooped up by the arm-loads. I couldn’t find Lysol spray for over a year.  This keeps so many being vulnerable to bacteria without appropriate cleaners.
  • There are still so many people who refuse to wear face masks or social distance. Using the sanitizers that stores and businesses offer when entering is there to help avoid spreading COVID germs.  If you have an extra mask, offer it to others.  Let’s all take advantage of these.
  • When a business tries to use conservative measures to avoid a staff reduction, seriously consider doing what you can to avoid others losing jobs. If all are willing to drop some hours to avoid your peers from losing their positions, it helps everyone.
  • If you find yourself or other co-workers battling tension and extreme stress, do what you can to reduce their emotions. In addition, try to help others battle these feelings as well.  Be patient and extra understanding – even offer to be a sounding board for others.  Be encouraging.
  • Should a neighbor or co-worker be so low on food that they have no lunch, offer to share your sandwich, crackers, or apple, etc. Another day you may be in the same situation.
  • If you have ideas that could help others deal with the pandemic, share those with others.
  • There are many who are terribly nervous about the COVID vaccine, but if given the chance, by ALL means, encourage others to take the vaccine! It is a necessity!!!
  • This is a time when neighbors should be helping neighbors. Sharing food, babysitting for others, sparing your supplies or utilities with neighbors, etc.  This should be a mutual effort.
  • How about doing laundry with neighbors? Everyone needs to wash dirty clothes.; 704-849-2500