The Tough Decisions of Business Leaders & Employers

Each Person's Duty
The Workforce Needs to Make Sure All Are Safe

How has your life changed and adapted from January 2020 until now (May 2021)?  Some basis for this could be how you have been affected by COVID or others who are close to you.  Or you may have had your business or employer to have had to close their businesses.  It is devastating enough to lose a relative or close friend via COVID.  If you or your employer have invested all your savings into a business and then are forced to close it and release all your employees, that is JUST as heartbreaking.  Such a tragedy is not only an extremely HUGE loss for you financially, but it cuts deep as you have invested your heart and soul into this effort.  And believe me when I say that announcing to your employees that they no longer have a job with you is a giant emotional and catastrophic task that cuts deep into your soul – knowing this event has jerked the proverbial rug out from under them.

Between the horrible death of an overwhelming number of people and the economic turmoil hitting even more people, thousands of citizens have had to accept these consequences and still need to pick themselves up and quickly must search for possible alternatives for their livelihood.  The continued challenges add more “road blocks” in their paths.  Shortages of a variety of supplies, groceries (even pet food, chicken and pork), among other items, is causing other headaches as people must think creatively.

A friend of my husband’s, who was also his barber, had a heart problem, for which he went to the hospital for a procedure, and shortly after going into the hospital, this man was told that he had caught COVID, and within a few short days, the man died.  What we are all experiencing these days is mind-boggling!    Then add to that risk, the large number of people who are refusing to take the COVID vaccinations, and how that could harm even more.  It is hard to believe that some people are actually turning down the vaccine.  Granted that there are risks with everything, but to refuse something that could save your life blows my mind.

So what do employers do when people refuse to take the COVID vaccination?  Though we are given a “freedom of choice” in America, think of the consequences other workers face by mixing with those refusing the vaccine.   More employers and workforces are torn about what the risks are in average working venues.  These are tough and even life-threatening decisions.  We must all be respectful and understanding of these mounting questions and decisions.  Be patient, sensitive, and mutually respectful.  These are tough decisions.   Many decision makers are struggling on how to respond.