Set Priorities for Goals
Choose Important Goals to Accomplish Successful Results

Practically every person, business, and organization has said they have made some kind of changes to their lives, routine, and products in order to survive this COVID 19.  The pandemic has forced many changes in order to stay alive.  Before the vaccines were available, many people were not even able to stay alive.  Many children lost their parents and grandparents due to this deadly disease.  Though health experts became aware of the importance of wearing face masks, those who died early into this illness did not know of its value soon enough.  And others who have been isolating themselves for the duration have dealt with depression, anxiety, and emotional distress.

The public was told to “social distance”, which also helped battle the disease.  The use of bacterial cleansers became another way to avoid COVID 19.  All these public health lessons have attributed to the survival of many.  Still, there have been many other lessons and steps that have been added and incorporated to improve the safety for our citizens and communities, though feeling depressed.

One business has created and developed a most beneficial product that has made a big impact on safety of others, including their own employees.  I had the pleasure of meeting one of the developers of “Microban” early in our own business and was impressed with the conscientiousness of the organization.  Though the belief was that their product reduced bacteria substantially in the early half of the 1990’s, they took cautious measures before promoting it to the public.

One of the early collaborators was Rubbermaid, using Microban in children’s lunch boxes.  When constructing their company building in north Charlotte, the company incorporated the Microban product into the building materials (counter surfaces, etc.).  The company then partnered their product into fabric for sports clothing, bed linens, etc., plus Microban was placed into a spray container to use on surfaces, which reduced bacteria (including COVID) on surfaces (door knobs, counter tops, door handles, bathroom surfaces, etc.)

By using bacterial sprays on work surfaces, phones, tools, computers, and using more efficient air filters, the work environment has been made safer for all.  Of course, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated against COVID will help to eliminate this deadly virus.  Since viruses are continuing to mutate and evolve, the public will likely need to prepare to take booster shots periodically to fight off these deadly germs.  Avoiding large crowds is another sound decision.

The public would be wise to consider looking for other ways to reduce bacteria and keep people healthier.  Perhaps others might contribute more funds for research for better public health (air, surfaces, and ingestion).  What has your business or organization done to combat COVID and make your workplace healthier?  Please share your accomplishments.

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