What Will it Take to Bring All Back to the Workplace with a Positive, Productive Attitude


Like a Squabbling Couple, Is Anyone Listening?

When there are two sides or perspectives (employer vs employee), do either of them really listen to the other?  How can differences be resolved if no one is listening?  At this time there are serious discussions about how to return businesses to some kind of “normal”, but both employers and employees will have specific issues that each find important.  This may take some “give and take” before resolutions can be found.  However, the clock is ticking, and companies are competing to get themselves in full-steam ahead mode before other companies.  Each trying to get a jump on possible business activities.

Therefore, both employers and employees need to look at the “BIG” picture in order to have a chance for a better future – or ANY future!  The government has been helpful in a few ways to enable the businesses and their employees to survive, but there still needs to be good communication by both (and that includes “listening”) in order to come to terms with what needs to be done to get both sides working “in sync”!  What can either side contribute to benefit the other?

Both employers and employees can surely find some ways to support each other in order to move their organization forward.  It takes the collaboration of both sides to produce a progressive and successful future.  If each get into a “power struggle”, NO ONE wins!!!  Take time to listen to each other and be seriously willing to do what you can to contribute to a positive outcome, encouraging the other side to do the same.

There will be no future if both sides do not respect or be supportive of the other.  With joint efforts the organization has a substantial chance at producing beneficial results.  Don’t hold back.  Step up and demonstrate a responsible and supportive attitude towards building a proactive future.  If needing help in coordinating productive efforts, Compass Career Management Solutions can assist your organization in developing an effective process.  Visit: www.compasscareer.com.