Keep an Open Mind to What We Know


Each person has his/her Perspective of the Truth.

These days when watching or listening to the news, the information shared may or may not be what you believe or can accept, as each day there are different interpretations as what has happened in the past.  Since most of us have not lived 100 or more years, the opinions and shared stories handed down from the past has not always been the same as what we’ve read and studied in our history books.  In fact, some data has been substantially different – not saying which information is more accurate or if they have any details that cause doubt or confusion.

With others, who would have known more of the facts, no longer living, it is very unsure what details are correct, and which ones are in error.  Furthermore, these periods of time (100-200+ years ago) referenced more recently were such a different time for those people living back then.  If you have ever flown in a plane as it flies over the major mountain ranges in the U.S., which our ancestors traveled on horses and in wagons, you have surely wondered how they ever got over those rugged hills, rocks, and mountains.  These people were strong and strong-willed people, who tackled the most treacherous existence, thus it is no wonder that their lives were so different from ours.

As we hear of sad and heart-breaking stories of many people in those devastating times, we can’t overlook or disregard any tragedies.  Still, whatever happened back then can’t be erased by tearing down monuments and changing names of streets and buildings.  Those markings are like the scars on a person, who has endured tremendous hardships but lived through them.  Our history is just that – “our country’s history”- a part of our past.  We shouldn’t try to erase the struggles our past citizens endured.  We, along with so many other countries, are far from perfect, and we need to persevere, being reminded of our mistakes so to improve where we can.

Like raising a child, we parents can try to teach them right from wrong and encourage them to live life doing their best and being responsible.  Yet, they won’t be perfect, and they will make mistakes, as we all do.  However, if we can be honest and truthful, that is a start for a better future.

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