Selection of Life’s Future

Selecting your Life’s Path

What made you choose your career path?  Did it take long to decide?  Your personality should match the career you choose.  A person’s character isn’t determined at the time of their birth, but suddenly some of those basic personality traits begin to form.  There was an old saying “spare the rod, and spoil child”, which referred to those parents, who wouldn’t discipline their children, who would usually then become “spoiled children”.  Those children, who were NOT disciplined, tended to lack the foundation of well-behaved children.  Being polite and respectful are two qualities that adults valued in others.

The traits listed in the picture above are some of the top characteristics that are considered a most valued for those you would seek in a friend, spouse, business partner or neighbor:

  • Ethics relay being honest and trustworthy.
  • Accountability refers to being one who takes responsibilities seriously – are dependable.
  • Principles are those standards and beliefs you sincerely value and seek in others.
  • Integrity is similar to “ethics” – the highest standards are held by responsible persons.
  • Values are those beliefs, which you consider “most important”!

Since people don’t live alone on an island, we each should be respectful and sensitive to each other.  Life passes very quickly, and most of us have many blessings.  This whole COVID experience has caused an increased amount of tension and stress, but we each need to avoid taking out our aggravation on others and forgetting to practice our best behavioral traits.

Both in our personal lives and business careers, we are encouraged to follow these key guidelines and to demonstrate and incorporate the serious traits that lifts a person to their highest level.  Each day you have the opportunity to practice wise, respectful life behavior for a Successful Future.  Compass Career Management Solutions are transitional experts, who provides training and instruction of competent, responsible, and effective Leaders.


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