Recognize how to value employees
Communication is a HUGE factor in retaining good employees

What do you believe is important to relay to your employees in order that they believe you consider them helpful and valuable?  Though a decent salary is appreciated, other forms of support are critical, too.  Most people value being given continued training to grow and be challenged.

How do you like being kept involved and considered a “trusted employee”?  As you have the opportunity to be “included” in important decisions, this allows you to contribute to the organization.  A part of building the organization is being kept informed.

If employees are part of the growth, this would include being a vital part of the Communication.  And Communication includes both being kept informed, as well as contributing vital information.  Too many consider “Communication” as telling others what is happening, but the other critical aspect of Communication is “LISTENING”.

Be sure to remind each other that Listening is just as important as sharing information with each other.  All are encouraged to promote the importance of “COMMUNICATION”.  This important factor in any organization is absolutely valuable.  If your organization is struggling with “weak communication”, consider using Compass Career Management Solutions to provide effective Communication forums to strengthen your cohesiveness.  Visit our website:  There is always useful data to collect.