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Tensions in the Workplace

Tension & Stress can ignite Emotions Quickly!

You have no doubt heard repeatedly how stressed most people are feeling due to the ongoing pandemic, and the restrictions that we have all had for so long.  Being confined and unable to be with co-workers, relatives, and friends while staying indoors with our “loved ones”.  This has made so many to feel penalized and isolated from their social network and cut-off from their outside world.

With these negative feelings, when required to be at the workplace, they experience that other people’s attitudes can be demeaning, that their voices can be unpleasant, workplace rules and restrictions are unfair, and petty problems can cause your patience to wear thin.  Add to that a supervisor seems to keep pushing “your buttons, making you feel discouraged.

Employers are encouraged to arrange some occasional forums to address some of these stressful areas, helping employees and supervisors to cope better.  Some Forum Topics might include:

  • How Being an Effective Communicator Can Improve Morale
  • Being a more Helpful Supervisor Can Ease the Stress and Increase Production
  • How to Manage a “Difficult and Irritated Employee”
  • How to Discuss Sensitive Topics with an Employee
  • Discussions to Open an Exchange with Employees who want to Grow

Don’t jump onto employees without taking time to evaluate what is really going on with the employee and their departments.  If the person is already distraught or upset, more pressure could lead into a much bigger problem.  Many of the violent incidences that have developed at work start out small, but blow up quickly.  A violent situation can be avoided.  Compass Career Management is an excellent resource for various situations at work.  You don’t want to make the 6:00 news due to a tragedy.

There are other issues that you and your workforces may need.  Contact Compass Career Management Solutions, your Professional HRs, who can help you address and implement some effective steps.  Visit our website: and talk with our experts.  Avoid “Violence in the Workplace”.; 794-849-2500