Different Perspectives
Hiring Equations Involve Two Different Perspectives

There are different perspectives in the “game” of hiring.  And a game is how many employees see this hiring process.  Hiring is very competitive, and though more job openings are developing, the job market is still competitive with many job candidates.  On the other hand, hard skills are sought, but many times, the “soft skills” are seen as more important.  Though not always true, most employers are watching for one set of perspectives and traits, while employees often have other dynamics that rank as a valued factor of employers.

For starters, Employers first seek specific skills and qualifications that they need in an employee in order for them to be able accomplish the work and responsibilities.  A technical job definitely has specific skills they must know but also can do well.  Their tasks may require specifications and measurements to accomplish, as well as having a good eye for details. So, skills and adequate qualifications could carry a lot of weight on this selection.

Employees, however, could place more of a priority on work environment, work culture, and a supportive employer.  Too many employees have experienced “bad employers”, who have been demanding, high pressure, while no-to-little growth opportunity, training, or respect.  In other words, these bad employers are “all demanding” but “no giving of support”.

Of course, Employers have had their “bad employees”, which makes them apprehensive if a job candidate seems “too good to be true”.  On paper they can seem to have all the skills and training, BUT little or no experience. These employees make a lot of promises but NO true capability – plus poor “people skills”.  This is what makes these Employers so cautious or skittish.  Employees need to be aware or prepared for suspicious Employers.  Once burned, an Employer may be left to feel guarded.  It’s up to the employee to learn how they can help.

If Employees can think and try to understand Employers, and realize that they are carrying the whole business on their shoulders, it may help these candidates to try and be straight-forward and honest, which could make a good beginning of working relationships.

Job Candidates would be wise to research the company thoroughly to help make sure this would be the organization best for you.  As many employers say to the candidates, “what can you do to benefit our company?”  If you have done your research, you should be well positioned to respond with a productive answer.  Each side of this “equation” should be given deep thought and reflection.  Be cognitive to each side before answering.  This will make the outcome a “win-win”.

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