Losing his job causes intense anger

Anger that Leads to Violence Can Follow Job Loss or Personality Clashes, etc.

What will it take for you to stand up AGAINST violence?  If you haven’t been directly affected by the violence all around us, just wait – as sooner or later, you may encounter it yourself.  Don’t wait for that to happen.  Though you may not know how to discourage violence, at least avoid any conversation that debates or promotes it.  We must encourage PEACE!!!  Though many acts of violence can follow bullying, personality clashes, strong differences of opinion, loss of jobs, feeling misunderstood by your teacher or supervisor, or have pinned up anger, too many people believe that the release of anger (i.e. standing up for yourself) is the only recourse.

The number of mass shootings has increased dramatically, which has caused too many to die or become seriously injured.  However, violence is never the answer, nor does it resolve the real problem.  Though a lot of people feel helpless when they learn of serious violence that has happened in their neighborhoods, towns, or region, turning to violence themselves to show the perpetrators that the local citizens will not stand silently or do nothing – does NOTHING to STOP this behavior.

If those of violence see that the citizens are supportive of the police/law, they will soon realize that their acts of violence have no impact on the people of that area.  By supporting the police and the laws of their area, the perpetrators will have no audience or receive no fame (which means the media will need to avoid promoting these acts of breaking the law).  Most policepersons are responsible.  Do not lose respect for the many, who are out there helping to protect us.

Employers, who are faced with releasing employees due to difficult economic times, or slow business, should give much consideration to providing Outplacement services to those affected employees, taking steps to teach those employees how to effectively manage a job search.  By providing these services, it can reduce the negative emotions felt by the employees.  A professional Outplacement firm, like Compass Career Management Solutions, help to put those employees into the “driver’s seat” of their job searches.  Compass Career Management can also provide effective forums and workshops.  Again, this supportive assistance can remove “the sting” from sensitive situations and position the employees onto a more productive path.  Get acquainted with Compass Career Management Solutions and help to reduce some potential violence in our stressful world.; 704-849-2500