Employers – Be Aware of Reactions of Transitions

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Any Transition Can Uncover Unexpected Emotions!

When companies or organizations are faced with unplanned transitions, which affect the workforce negatively, it is not uncommon to encounter sudden emotions that can be hard to manage.  A person’s job is a very big concern, which affects not only the employee but their family.  The employer may not be aware of the family’s current issues or problems.  Therefore, a sudden loss of a job can cause a major explosion in a household.  Managing these events are the responsibility of employers.

When it comes to the emotions of employees, anything is possible – from sobbing to screaming to physical reactions (throwing objects, hitting associates, damaging property, etc.).  If an employee becomes excessively violent, the owner and management must be prepared on controlling” reactions as peacefully as possible.

“Layoffs lead to higher rates of violent offenses and property crimes: Displaced workers experienced a 20% increase in criminal charges the year after a downsizing (March, 2020). Everyone knows that losing your job hurts, but the negative effects are not solely experienced by the displaced worker. Newly published research by a Case Western Reserve University economist finds that involuntary job loss also causes a dramatic increase in criminal behavior.”

(Link: https://thedaily.case.edu/layoffs-lead-to-higher-rates-of-violent-offenses-and-property-crimes-study/)

It would be extremely wise and encouraged for business owners and managers to first contact their local police to confidentially inform them of this upcoming transition, and to make sure the police have information about the facilities’ floor plan and any dangerous materials, etc.

If at all able, the company should consider hiring a professional and experienced Outplacement firm to help the owner and management team to take steps to arrange for steps that could help the employees to manage this transition and prepare for a career transition.  Such supportive measures can help to avoid extreme violence and ease the emotions, leading to a more positive outcome.  Without this kind of professional support, a business could face not only violence and extreme damages, but also legal ramifications.

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