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How Networking Can Be a Credible Resource?

Whoever invented the word “networking” did not create the most effective term.  It doesn’t really describe the function or purpose.  Before this term was created, a person was likely to turn to one of his/her acquaintances to ask for advice and assistance with a number of things or situations.  Like asking to be introduced to a person, or requesting a recipe for an excellent dish to impress others.

The fact is, before getting into the Outplacement business, I can look back and see where most of my jobs came about with the help of family or friends.  Networking is to encourage you (job search candidate) to talk with others, who may know of open positions or help to connect you with people working for companies, who may be able to get your “foot in the door”.  That initial contact won’t get you the job, but they might be able to connect you with others who could.

Sometimes (like that game of 7 separations from Kevin Bacon) when introduced to one person, this individual may introduce you to another person even closer to Kevin, and so on.  It may take 3, 4, or more people before you reach the person to help you get the job.  Obviously, it is your experience, skills, and personality that will land you the job, plus a well-written resume helps to seal the deal.

When we first began our company, my husband/partner was managing a facility closing in the New England area.  The company was a manufacturer of window treatments, where many seamstresses had worked for a number of years.  In addition to teaching them about a job search and writing the peoples’ resumes, my husband taught them the importance of “networking”.  Since we had lived in North Carolina the majority of our adult lives, and my husband and son were big fans of Michael Jordan, my husband used Michael as an example for an exercise on Networking.  He asked these seamstresses if anyone happen to know Michael Jordan.  To his surprise, a woman raised her hand.  Then he asked her how she knew Michael, and she said that “she had babysat him when he was young, and that she still stayed in touch with Michael’s mother.”

This turned out to be an excellent example of “networking”.  Like the old saying, “this is a small world!”  No one knows who others may know who could help us in our job search.  Our firm, Compass Career Management Solutions, is hired to assist others to manage their own Job Search.  Networking is an excellent venue to locate job opportunities.  A true and credible resource!!!; 704-849-2500