Life is a choice

Important decisions are not easy but also cannot be ignored.

Clearly, many companies have already closed or folded over the past 1.5+ years.  Several industries are faced with economic challenges that are causing 2021 to have a questionable future.  Of course, COVID has been the underlying factor affecting this situation.  Economists have voiced their opinions of some of these industries, who they believe will either struggle to exist in the future, or others, who will have a difficult time meeting the customers’/the public’s needs, which will include paying much higher prices and/or be unable to purchase these products.  Plus, with the shortage of employees to fill positions, employers find themselves paying higher salaries, and then subsequently increasing prices to cover the increased salaries, the public will have to decide how badly they want or need the products.

All of these factors cause large, dark clouds over many businesses’ future.  So, what are employers to do to save their businesses?

  • First, they need to find a way to attract/recruit qualified employees to accept positions.
  • Next, employers will also design procedures in retaining those employees.
  • If employers have been unable to locate and get those items needed to make or produce their items that customers want, that will be their next priority.
  • Once a business has the materials needed to make or produce the items for customers, they will need to find ways to entice customers to spend their hard-earned cash.

This is a Major Decision for Employers.  None of these steps will be easy to accomplish, and much depends on the economy of our country.  Improving the nation’s economy will involve the efforts of many, and there is no crystal ball that can predict its success.  It will take the concentrated efforts and research of responsible professional experts to successfully pull this off.

Consequently, employers will need to be consciously and seriously focused and working hard on those four bullets now in order to secure their companies’ future.  It is also encouraged for employers to tap into credible, professional resources in order to succeed in accomplishing these efforts.  Those employers who don’t delay but move forward on these efforts should be the ones who survive.  However, there are no guarantees.  Still, time is of the essence.  Compass Career Management Solutions is one effective, professional resource.  Visit www.compasscareer.com.