The Unemployed – Are They Using The Best Wisdom Re Job Strategy

Seeking a Solid, Credible Position
When and How to Go about Securing a Good Job

Obviously, there are a large number of people who are unemployed at this time.  Many of these people are receiving some fairly substantial funds from our nation’s government.  In fact, some are receiving higher amounts of money than they normally earn at past jobs.  However, these government funds will be coming to an end  in the relatively near future.  Employers have also been told to increase their minimum salaries, which should benefit many employees.

If those unemployed people wait to seriously seek employment after or near the end of the current supplemental government funds, as you can imagine,  there will be droves of unemployed rushing to the doors of every decent employer, scrambling for good job opportunity.  In addition, there will be some companies who may no longer have the job opportunities that they have now.

Do not be foolish or short-sighted by putting off your serious job search, in order to try to scrounge up as much of the government funds as possible.  You may find yourself missing the boat on a job that could be a position that you will never be able to match.  There could be an employer who is willing to invest in a job candidate, who values a “good employer” if you are wise enough to approach them now.

All are encouraged to give this matter immediate consideration.  No one knows what tomorrow may bring.  Be sure to be prepared and well organized before speaking to an employer.  Have a professionally-written resume, gather credible references, take time to be current in your line of work, and have a positive attitude.  If needing help with any of these, tap into a credible resource like Compass Career Management Solutions and/or visit