Select Training that Benefits and Protects Your Workforces

What Training Should You Provide that Benefits Your Workforces?

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There is a NEED to Learn to Use Strategic, Effective, & Sensitive Procedures

The topic of Workplace Violence may not seem to be an appreciated subject for employees and management these days, but it can avoid and prepare many from a tragic event from taking place in your business setting.  No doubt, if you were to ask any employees or employers who have had to manage such a tragedy if they would have valued insight and training to avoid their workplace nightmares, most, if not all, would readily agree with a resounding YES!  The fact is “Violence” is constantly escalating!!!!  In neighborhoods, schools, grocery stores, a wide variety of workplaces, and beyond.

Of course, there are many other areas for workshops or training that could be helpful to an organization, i.e. Effective Business Development, Efficient Management Training, Successful Leadership Training, Communication, etc.  However, if you check out the statistics on “increased violence”, you will surely see that “Violence” is definitely ON THE RISE!!!

There are many common factors that initiate violence: a) bullying, b) misunderstandings or miscommunications, c) jealousy, d) competitiveness, e) sexual harassment, f) people facing hard-times, who may steal, or other situations.  Once any of these circumstances develop, management usually has to step in and give a warning, penalize, or release an employee.  If management or a supervisor hasn’t been trained on how to handle such an encounter, or been given the option of using an Outplacement firm, the problem can go from a negative situation to a heated discussion, or turn a rejected or misunderstood employee to a ticking time bomb, which could likely build up steam and return to explode later.

Should there be a company-wide or whole department who is being released, there still needs to be training for these events, learning the best ways to process this peacefully and with sensitivity.  Employers would be wise to turn to a credible and professional Outplacement firm, who has the experience to help your organization learn to handle this humanely and reasonably.  This may not be an “upbeat topic” as a workshop for businesses, but it is a very wise, proactive and responsible forum to provide for management and supervisors.  You are encouraged to contact Compass Career Management Solutions and/or visit:  It will benefit all your employees.