Why Good Employees Are Leaving Jobs

It is critically important for employers to understand why they are losing more of their “GOOD” employees!!!  Take time to review this notice and learn what steps are needed to avoid losing more “GOOD EMPLOYEES”!



Employees don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses

Good employees are choosing to leave their jobs in search of more rewarding positions.  What are some of the main factors that push those talented employees out the door?  It is sad as employers are currently having difficulty locating decent job candidates, much less getting them to accept and commit to a job.  The last thing employers should want to do is run off good employees.  Yet what are the reasons and basis that send these good employees packing?

  • An overbearing, critical, demanding and unreasonable supervisor is probably a number one factor or cause to losing a hard-working, conscientious employee.  This includes a supervisor, who dumps an excessive amount of work on an employee, who is trying their best to meet the demands and expectations of their supervisors.  It is believed that often this supervisor is consciously or unconsciously trying to run off that employee.
  • When a company mismanages their workloads to the extent that they abuse their workforces, even really good employees will decide that they can no longer withstand the heavy burdens or find a way to efficiently and successfully overcome the odds.
  • Another challenge can be when there are co-workers (or even managers) who may taunt or bully an employee, making their work-lives miserable.  This could even include “sexual harassment”.
  • Some employees express that their employers load them down with additional tedious tasks that should be assigned to unskilled labor.  It could be viewed as “dumping” on this employee instead of assigning to a favored employee.

These mistreated employees eventually become frustrated and choose to break free from these poor examples of managers and supervisors, often leaving without a new job in hand.  However, other well trained and skilled managers will be thrilled to hire those hard-working employees, who will be very appreciated by a supportive manager.  Persons like well-educated teachers are ones, who have left their positions for other valuable professional opportunities.

Seldom is a bigger pay check the reason to leave.  A mistreated, hard-working employee, like a teacher, welcomes a supportive manager.  Compass Career Management Solutions, a Career and Business Transition Expert, is pleased to assist persons needing career coaching and outplacement.  Visit our website: www.compasscareer.comWe teach others how to place themselves into the driver’s seats of their careers.  We train good employees how to become “good leaders”.