Facts for Those Interested in Changing Jobs or Careers

Factors in Career Selection

             The Major Factors in Choosing a Career                      The Final Decision for Your Career is YOURS!

Whether you are in college, or if you are already working a job and realizing this line of work is not for you!  These are serious and important decisions that only you can make.  The image (above) of the six areas most often used in deciding a career have been common routine for one’s decision, though finances definitely play a major part, and you will need a good income to pay your way through life.  Therefore, a basic budget for yourself is needed in order to know what you MUST earn to have sufficient funds to cover your expenses.  Thus, you need to add the category of earnings to this chart.

The fact is you should also take the time to dig deep to understand yourself well enough to determine if you have the skills needed, the interest in the industry/business so to do a good job (be committed), as well as being sure that the industry/business is in line with your values and ethics.

Of course, you will need the education and training to do the work.  Prior to getting your education and training, you should have already considered and researched what major goals you have for yourself in your life.  Even if you think you are familiar with that line of work or position, it is wise to locate others who have those jobs and interview or shadow them to make sure their lifestyles are in line with your own.

One’s Vision is similar to goals but bigger (like the “big picture), which relays what you want for your future.  Using a Professional Career Coach is always wise as most people aren’t always capable of being honest with themselves, which is important for this decision.  A professional Career Coach is impartial and might give you options you may not have considered.  Compass Career Management Solutions is a credible resource who can help.