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Career Choices Include Being a Woman Business Owner

The Reality of Your Career Life Choices

Some people know from a young age what kind of career they want for themselves.  The idea may come from the people around them, or from a direct experience they have had.  Some impressions may not be the true reality of that profession.  You are encouraged to thoroughly research that career path, to include shadowing a person in that line of work to see what a typical day could be, as well as knowing if that career provides the finances you need for your lifestyle.

In my business as a Career Coach and Outplacement Professional, I have experienced first-hand how a life-changing circumstance can cause you to change careers, but also have worked with many people, who come to a fork in the road that makes you STOP and RE-EVALUATE what career path you want to take.  This is NEVER easy, but taking the time to thoroughly evaluate before deciding is CRUCIAL.  You need to know all the facts.

Our family faced a sudden loss of a job, which made us stop to not only discuss the choices but to also rationalize what would be best for our family and determine what was required to manage our family’s debts and commitments.  Even when there is only one person affected, you still need to go through several steps of evaluation before deciding which career path to follow.  You may have a few ideas of careers that appeal to you, but:

  • Is that industry healthy and economically strong?
  • Would a position in that line of work and company have the opportunity for growth?
  • Does that firm have a good reputation locally and in the industry?  Are they supportive?
  • Do you have the required personality, training and education?


For those who consider self-employment as an option, you must learn all aspects of the business.  It may be YOUR business, but if you want your business to SURVIVE, you must be accessible and customer friendly.  Choosing to be a “women-owned” business has other issues.  The number of women business owners may be growing, BUT how many survive?  There is a lot to learn, and you must be well organized, proactive, a good networker, and be effective with “follow-ups” and can persevere.  That is just the beginning.  You should give NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) serious consideration.  A serious, credible resource is also Compass Career Management We are here to help!
Give this serious consideration!