Preparing to Reopen
Concerns re Bringing Employees Back to Work

Clarifications & Expectations

As companies are gearing up to bring employees back into the business locations, both employers and employees are thinking about the adjustments since the employees were told to work from home.  Both groups have reservations and concerns.  If you are an employer, you should be reviewing all aspects and identifying concerns and determine how to address ways to eliminate all hurdles as possible.  Some issues that may be on the minds of employers include:

  • What plans can be made to keep all areas as clean and disinfected and safe for all?
  • What will the guidelines be for employees and customers re: masks & checking temperatures?
  • For those employees with children who may or may not be in school, will there be flexible rules about their work hours?
  • What will be required of employees re: the COVID vaccinations? What about customers?
  • Will there be any “sign-on” bonuses or increased salaries for those employees who return?
  • What will employers plan to retain good, dependable employees?

As for employees, what concerns or requests might they have of their employers if they return to work?

  • What expectations do employees have of their employers if they return to their offices?
  • Would employers expect or require that all employees be vaccinated?
  • Would employees request/demand to be offered more flexible schedules?
  • Would employees require increased salaries and/or additional benefits to return to work?
  • What would employers do to assure the workspaces would be clean and sanitary/safe?
  • How willing would employers be to provide training and workshops to invest and develop those hard-working employees?

All of these points should be given serious consideration in order to gain a good workforce and attain a stronger, productive organization.  It is critical to encourage joint conversations and cooperation to deliver a positive and proactive focus for a healthy work environment.   This is another transition, that Compass Career Management Solutions could help to build.  www.compasscareer.com