?Losing Customers Can Cost Your Company Major Funds?

Not everyone has pleasant “people skills” or are sensitive to other person’s priorities.  When it comes to customers or other business associates, we all have our areas or individual issues that can be easily set off or offended.  If your employees have not be trained to be aware of such matters, a client or guest, etc. can be highly upset by what your associate says or does or doesn’t do.

An offense can be as simple as not “listening” to the customer or misunderstanding what they said.  For that matter, being unaware of certain customs of other nationalities can fall into a “misunderstanding”, but such a lapse can cause great embarrassment or cause a personal offense.

As global as our world has definitely become, it is critical for businesses and their workforce need to be instructed and educated on such matters.  Not just the international oversights, but the personal glitches that equates into very embarrassing or offensive experiences.

With this in mind, once a customer or client experiences such a situation, it can cost a business a substantial amount that may mushroom into additional accounts, who are those people sensitive to the initial offended person.  This can add up quickly, and dramatically cause a large financial deficit to your business.  Such an event can happen so suddenly and without any notice, that the problem is practically impossible to remedy.  This is where taking proactive steps are invaluable.

Compass Career Management Solutions are human resources experts at not only identifying a problem, but taking steps to creating a sensitive and effective solution to the situation.  COMMUNICATION is at the heart of this dilemma, and using a kind, sensitive, and respectful approach can go a long way to resolve this lapse in judgement and behavior.  Talk with Compass Career Management Solutions about providing Effective Communication Forums for your workforce.

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