Though Force Protects, Justice & Fairness Bring Peace
Justice, Fairness, & Cooperation Produce Peace

Even a Military Man Recognizes that Fairness & Humanity Brings About Peace

Throughout the experience of the pandemic, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has been through this event and not felt or seen others who have encountered pain, sadness, torment, devastation, or great loss.  Sadly enough, this terrible, deadly illness has triggered some violence, which has seemed futile, causing more despair.

Clearly, we need to think before reacting.  Such violence only causes more havoc.  Hopefully, this terrible experience of the Pandemic can enable more to understand that devastating circumstances triggers more devastation, but many of the mature citizens discourage violent acts.  It is important to listen carefully to the voices of our wise seniors.

By encouraging patience, deep and sincere reflection, justice, and wisdom, there is a better chance to experience peace and positive outcomes.  Our world has many who encourages our citizens to insist on “taking charge” and being “strong-willed”, but be cautious and careful on being so demanding.  Some outspoken persons only want to be the “top dog”, so to speak – not ones looking out for fheir “fellow man”.

This Pandemic is also a reminder that we need to take better care of our world and its environment.  All are encouraged to remember to truly take better care of our world.  What can you do to spread this message?  We each need to do all we can to safeguard the future of our world.  Let Peace be our guide and our inspiration.

Peace comes from Justice, Fairness, Development, Democracy, & Respect