Factors in Career Selection                             

FACTORS OF DEVELOPING A CAREER                                                               DETERMINING PRIORITIES

Today it is more important than ever in going through a strategic, well-organized process in selecting the best-fitting, most valued and fulfilling career for oneself.  A Job Search Candidate should look at all perspectives and see which career offers the best opportunities while allowing you/the candidate to be instrumental and productive in developing positive outcomes.

No person or job will be perfect in all areas, but if you are honest with yourself about your abilities and preferences, that should help you have a better chance selecting the most appropriate career.  For instance, using the graph on the right above, (1a and b) under “urgent priority”, what is the most urgent task verses the lowest priority?  Then (2a and b) what task is most important verses the one that is least important?

As for what factors will require more attention and efforts from you in order for you to accomplish the knowledge of your chosen profession, understand that you may not be as proficient in some professions as you’d like.  You may have the knowledge, interest, and vision, and maybe the value and goals, but NOT have the skills to be effective.  Try to think practically and locate those who could provide some insight and tips that could help to capture those skills and can become very beneficial.

A person doesn’t have to be the VERY BEST to teach and inspire others, and yet enable you to share useful tips to help others.  It would be very wise to locate an effective expert to help you be more helpful to others.  All are encouraged to carefully select your line of work that will invigorate you, challenge you, and strengthen you.  Choosing a profession is most fulfilling when you are able to help others to overcome fears and challenges.  If your career is too “easy”, you may not experience the thrill helping others to succeed.  Don’t be afraid to fail at first.  That will make overcoming your fears so much sweeter.

Also, if you are having a hard time to accomplish your targets or goals.  That is part of “Learning” that can be a real morale booster!  Select carefully, and then learn to accomplish; 704-849-2500