Determining Your Specific Career Path

Be Sure You Understand All That’s Involved in your chosen Profession

Each year more occupations and professions have been created, while some of the older positions have been eliminated.  Factors in these changes include technology, economics, trends, interests, shortage or discouraging the use of certain supplies, etc.  Similar changes occurred through the Industrial Evolution and after the World Wars.  It is wise to be aware of what occupations are transitioning.  There are also some careers that are in much bigger demand than others.

In addition to these transitions, people need to be well informed about what is involved in each career and whether you have the skills, aptitude, personality needed for different positions.  No one is qualified for all positions.  Not only are there specific skills required for each profession, but their competencies and personality traits are matched to appropriate careers.

Some examples of professions that need specific skills and traits include: medical physicians, who need to be extremely observant, good listeners, and strong in analytics; or a chef should be aware of how certain ingredients complement other ingredients in order to have a positive outcome or result in the most flattering product.  A business owner needs to possess effective strategic skills in order to hire those employees who have the skills and knowledge that can contribute productive ideas and can orchestrate an efficient process for successful outcomes.  If engineering is the career path for you, it is necessary to select which form of engineering is your strength, and what skills and expertise are required for the type of engineer you choose (electrical, environmental, etc.).

Though there are specific skills required for your career choice, in addition to a good college education, hands-on experience and coaching are also necessary.  Some professions could also be either part of a corporation, involving lots of interaction and collaboration, where other professions could be more like “self-employment” (including roles of an independent consultant).  Self-Employment is great for some people, but not all.  A person going through Career Selection would easily benefit by the use of a Career Coach.  Choose your career carefully!  Research and shadowing are both critical to a positive outcome.  Choose what is right for you!; 704-849-2500