Life Requires Selective Decisions
                   Choose to be Responsible

When COVID began in 2019, many of us thought it might be like the flu: have a bad bout, cause many to get sick, spread around schools and offices, but gradually wind down.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case.  Instead, COVID has not only spread around killing so many, it has grown and developed into other variations, causing more to get sick and die, in addition to affecting so much else.

To add to all the illness and deaths caused by COVID, it has closed down schools, businesses, caused other venues to shut down due to the illnesses and a shortage of employees.  Recreational events have also had to be discontinued.

With so many out of work, numerous people are losing their homes, while people continue to be sick due to the pandemic!  Hospitals are overwhelmed with a constant influx of patients, plus the staff is beyond exhausted.  Some health-related employees are quitting their jobs due to exhaustion. At first we were stressed as we hoped and prayed for a vaccine, but even after ones were found, the challenge has been getting the vaccinations produced fast enough, then the distribution of the vaccinations, encouraging people to be vaccinated, getting enough medical equipment to treat those infected, the continuation of urging people to be vaccinated, variants of the COVID developing, the impact on the economy due to the pandemic, the question about boosters, and the continuation of getting more people to get vaccinated.  Meanwhile, more people are being infected and MORE need to be vaccinated.

So what are the answers and solutions?  The COVID variants have increased this pandemic situation, and then there are so many who have yet to be vaccinated.  With the pandemic surging on, all are encouraged to keep wearing masks, keep their distance from each other, continue to use hand sanitizers, avoid crowds, and be open to receiving boosters.  The Pandemic is an ongoing battle in getting our citizens healthy.

Since the Pandemic does thrive, we are each responsible to take whatever precautions are necessary to improve the health conditions, which is needed for the survival of our society.  This means we ALL need to act responsibly!  Each person must act responsibly, respecting each other, and doing whatever it takes to avoid the spreading of the Pandemic.  There is no place for anyone to think only of him/herself.

We all must understand that whatever a person does, it will affect others.  Business owners need healthy employees in order to help take care of others.  We are all on this planet together.  We need to realize that we can no longer think of just ourselves.  What one person does affects others.  We are each responsible for each other.