In Planning Your Future, Is Self-Employment or Retirement Being Considered?

Factors in Career Selection
Take Time to Carefully Examine Your Options

There are so many unknowns in the employment world that it is hard to predict what job opportunities may lay ahead for your future.  Though many people may assume that they will continue doing whatever they have been doing, some industries may run into “road blocks” that could detour those plans.  Therefore, people would be wise to explore and examine what other options exist and have a “back-up” plan.

If you needed to choose another career path, what might that be?  Would you insist on staying in the same industry, or is there another occupation or industry that would be of interest to you?  What other industries and/or careers might peak your interest?  Surely, there are other positions in which you would have the skills and personality that would match yours.

Other factors that need to be considered include education, training, location of such businesses, as well as what kind of salary would other professions pay?  Would other businesses be able to meet your salary needs for your planned life style?

In addition, depending on your age, you should also examine the possibility of becoming “Self-Employed”.  If you have worked in a particular industry where you have gained a lot of good skills and knowledge, it is possible that becoming “Self-Employed” would be very enticing and rewarding.  Still, there is a lot to learn about being “Self-Employed”, but it is a definite possibility.

Of course, you should always understand and consider the major factors about taking “Retirement”.  This takes a good bit of planning, and shouldn’t be done without LOTS of financial advisement.  However, if you would be at a point in your life to consider “retirement”, there are still some important steps to take before actually “playing that card”.  Your financial planner, CPA, and/or lawyer should be contacted for advice and confirmation before making this decision.

Altering your career path, choosing to be “self-employed”, or retiring are all BIG STEPS.  Don’t take these decisions lightly.  However, whatever you choose to do about your future, just be sure to gain a clear understanding and confirm all consequences before you “sign on the dotted line”.  Remember that you DO have choices.