How Do You Cope with Devastating Events



Nine eleven burning buildings
This Overwhelming Destruction of Human Life is Beyond Comprehension!

There have been many sad and painful events in our country’s history.  The list includes many, and the majority of people have been affected by these tragedies.  It seems those who have had to face such nightmare experiences have recurring memories, as well as being affected in other ways.

Such historical events include the Civil War, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, tragic incidents during the years of desegregation, the Attack of Pearl Harbor, the Great Depression, the assassination of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, and the 9-11 Attacks.  All of these and others tore into the hearts and souls of Americans.

As if bullets and bombs weren’t frightening enough, now our world faces the devastation of medical threats, killing thousands of people.  For anyone who experiences the many losses of family, friends, and fellow citizens, the memories of these serious events will continue to upset a person’s existence.

The 9-11 tragedy took the lives of so many in one day’s time, and others who suffered health issues weeks, months, and years later- not to mention the recurring nightmares.  Though it has been 20 years since that fatal day, those lives lost will never be forgotten.  And Americans are aware of how a faction of people half-way around the world chose to take their personal hatred out on our country.  It leaves us aware that there will probably MANY of those people, who will continue to hate us – just for who we are.

Compass Career Management Solutions encourages that we stop the “hate” and provide a peaceful attitude towards all of our fellow citizens.  With each forgiven person, comes forgiveness for ourselves.  Not all changes are bad.  Some changes give way to promises and opportunities.  Keep a positive mental thoughts for good health and safety.